Society of Women Engineers Incoming Freshmen Scholarships


The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) seeks to provide scholarships to women with aspirations in many different categories of engineering. The SWE firmly believes in empowering and supporting women who wish to achieve their goals as professional engineers. If you are a female high school senior who wishes to major in engineering and its many sub-strands, applying to the SWE Incoming Freshmen Scholarships could be one of the best pre-college decisions you could make. Why? One application will allow you to be eligible for all of the scholarships within the SWE database for which you qualify for. Check out the information below to take your first steps in getting great awards for college.

SWE Incoming Freshmen Scholarships

  • Award Value: $1,000-$10,000 each
  • Available Awards: 188+
  • Deadline: May 15
  • Essay Required: No

Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply, you must have a minimum 3.5 un-weighted GPA, have a letter of acceptance from a college or university for an ABET-accredited engineering or computer science program, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and plan to attend school full time. Women who have already been awarded a full scholarship cannot be considered.

How to Apply

Fill out the online scholarship application on the SWE site and obtain and scan the following items: high school transcripts; college letter of acceptance; your resume; letter of recommendation from a science, technology, engineering, or math teacher; and letter of recommendation from a non-family member who has known you for more than two years. You must also file for the FAFSA and submit contact information for your future school’s financial aid office. With all of these items sent in to complete your scholarship file, you will be eligible to be awarded and to receive aid from many scholarship funds from people and corporations who wish to help a future female engineer reach her education and career aspirations.


Rankin, Emerge, and SWE Scholarship Programs for Women


Finding educational scholarships can be challenging and time consuming, but there are many different scholarships available to meet the educational needs of female college students of all ages. With the current economic crisis that America is in, it is even more urgent that women find money for college. Many single female students are returning to school and they not only have their educational expenses, but the living expenses for both themselves and younger children who are still living with them. Married women are also looking for scholarships in order to return to school to put themselves in a better position to find employment to supplement the loss of income from husbands who have had to take a significant salary cut because of cutbacks in the company they work for. 

To find free money for future women students, one has to start the search early. It is suggested that no later than 1 year before you start your program that you should begin researching for these scholarships. Even though some women scholarship programs require the specific program desired and expected school of attendance, there are many general scholarships that the prospective student could begin before actual school and program is completely known. There are three sources of money for women to attend college that one should be aware of. 

First is the Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarships, which have a March 1 application deadline each year and are awarded in the fall. Who qualifies for this scholarship? These scholarships are for women age 35 and older who are considered low-income and believe that having a college education would improve their socioeconomic status. The applicant must be a citizen of the United States, seeking an associate, or a first bachelor’s degree. They must pursue technical or vocational degrees. 

Secondly is the Emerge Scholarship Program. This program has a deadline each year for January 6 and the purpose of these scholarships for women are to help those who are not the traditional college students and have not been able to pursue higher education because of challenging life circumstances. 

Last is the SWE Scholarship Program which has an annual deadline on February 15. These scholarships are for women who have a vision to study in the areas of engineering, engineering technology and computer science. In the summer scholarship winners will be notified whose classification is other than freshmen, including graduate students. For freshmen and reentry students their scholarship notifications will be given in late summer or early fall. 

Where can women students find these scholarships? Contact the college of desired attendance, visit the public librarian, and do internet searches using the key word, “Scholarships for Women.” Scholarships for women are available, yet very competitive. One who is interested in attaining a scholarship should first decide the area of study and seek assistance from someone skilled in writing scholarship applications so that their application will be completed correctly, and void of mistakes, or missing information. Once again, it is very important to apply early and be attentive to the deadlines and the specific qualifications. 

Reference April 2nd 2012: Scholarships for Women

AARP Women’s Scholarship Program


If you’re a woman (which I’m sure you are if you’re reading this), it’s a great time to go back to college. Why? Not only are we in a recession, but there are literally hundreds of scholarships that are available SPECIFICALLY for women.

On todays agenda: AART Women’s Scholarship Program

This scholarship has been around since 2007, and is responsible for over 800 women getting financial aid for their schooling.

Thanks to Walmart (it’s primary sponsor) women all over American are eligible to receive financial aid in the form of scholarships.


  • Scholarship Deadline: March 30, 2012 (so HURRY!)
  • Scholarship awards range from $500 – $5000.
  • Number of scholarships awarded varies on availability of funds, but in 2011 alone, over 350 were awarded.
  • Funds can be used to pay full or partial tuition, fees, and books.
  • Part-time and full-time students are both eligible.

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